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Standard Residential Services


Design Consulatations

Making permanent choices can be overwhelming when there are nearly limitless options. I can assist with home visits for material selections and design advice whether it's your forever home or your investment home.


Custom Home Plans and Remodel Construction Plans

I can help you design a home on your property that will make the most of your space,  natural lighting, and budget. Designed to fit the specific needs of the people that will call it home.

$50 an Hour/$1 SF


3D Renderings

3D renderings can help with finish selections, furniture placement, and to gain better understanding on the overall finished space for new and remodel projects alike. 

Kitchen - $350

Master Bath - $250

Living Room - $150

Complete Services

Drafting & Space Planning

From commercial interiors to residential projects, I can help develop drawing sets and space planning for your projects interior - AutoCAD and pdf sets.​ Depending on the size, scope, and budget of your project, I can help you achieve the interior style and concepts that you are desiring. 

Material, Furniture, & Lighting Selections

I can select and provide specifications for all furniture, material selections, and lighting from the floor to ceiling of your residential or commercial project.

Custom House Plans
Construction Plans
Commercial Interiors
Residential Interiors
Product Design
Renderings & Presentations

I love to organize information into a systematic and intuitive presentation. Rendered elevations and 3D renderings of the design help too. 

Branding & Graphic Design 

New restaurant or need some brand ideas? I can help develop a cohesive brand strategy and graphic design package for any interior. 

Material Boards
3D Renderings
Corporate Design
2D Renderings
Need something else?

Just ask me. I like new challenges and combinations, so I will probably say "yes" (sorry to spoil the surprise). I've ended up in all realms of design from creating artwork to floral design in the spirit of being creative and tackling something new. 

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